June 26, 2012

Chittagong Largest Commercial City of Bangladesh

Chittagong the Largest Commercial City of Bangladesh

Chittagong (Bengali Called : Choţţogram) is the second-largest commercial city and main seaport of Bangladesh. Chittagong situated on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, it is the principle city of Chittagong Division and a major center of commerce and industry in South Asia and SARC area. The Chittagong city under the jurisdiction of the city corporation, has a population of about 2.5 million and is constantly growing.
 Nestled between the Chittagong Hill Tracts and the Bay of Bengal, Chittagong is considered as Bangladesh's commercial capital and home to the country's major industries and Export Orented Zone. Being the country's major seaport, much of Bangladesh's export and import passes through the Port of Chittagong. The port has extensive modern facilities and is expected to be transformed into a world class deep sea port in the coming years in order to cater to the growing economies of the region including that of Bangladesh, eastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, western China and northern Burma. The city has a vibrant economy and a diverse population of Bengalis, Chakma, Burmese, Tripuri, Chinese, Korean and Marma.
Chittagong is located at 91.8 on the banks of the Karnaphuli River. The City Corporation has a total area of 168.07 square kilometers (65 sq mi). The city is known for its vast hilly terrain that stretches throughout the entire district and eventually into India.
The sea-borne exports consist chiefly of ready made garments, knitwear, frozen food, jute and jute goods, leather and leather products, tea, and chemical products. There is also a large trade by country boats, rice, spices, bringing chiefly cotton, sugar and tobacco. Ship breaking was introduced to the area in 1969.
Chittagong natives speak Chittagonian, an Indo-European language of the Eastern Indic group. Chittagonian has approximately 14 million speakers. According to the status of Top 100 Languages by Population by Ethnologue, Chittagong ranked in 67th Language of the world.


June 12, 2012

Bangladeshi Model Actress Faria Hot Beautiful Photos and Banglalink Model Faria Pictures

Bangladeshi Model Actress Faria Hot Beautiful Photos and Banglalink Model Faria Pictures Images Wallpapers Biography

Bangladeshi Model Actress Faria is so lovely sexy hot Beautiful pictures added here. Now Faria is the super star and most famous actress model in Bangladesh. She is working now in modeling drama and advertising sectors.

First she come from Bangladeshi most popular telecom operator Banglalink tv advertisement model. Model Actress Faria is most popular for her Banglalink television and channel advertisement “kota Delam”. Everybody expects this hot sexy beautiful Faria will give us some good works in future.


Top Bangladeshi Model, Film Actress Artist Nipun Hot Sexy Beautiful Latest Photos Wallpapers and Biography

Top Bangladeshi Model and Dhallywood popular sexy actress Nipun stand in a top position - New Photos Collection

Nipun is the top position beautiful gorgeous listed film actress in Bangladesh. Nipun came as a new in film industries. She is a popular artist and a most talented artist in Bangla movies sectors. In current year Nipun engaged with some directors for her new bangle films /cinema as a main artist.
Nipun is the well-popular Bangladeshi Actress. Nipun is at present very well-liked Bangladeshi heroine. She is famous celebrity in the film industry of Bangladesh. She is from quote. She is known as Dhallywood Nipun in Bangladesh. She has born in Borura Jalgaw thana village. Her father’s name Monsur Ali and was a Bangladeshi Government service holder. Nipun’s mother is a school teacher. 
 Nipun passed her B.Sc. computer science bachelor degree from Russia abroad. After That Nipun win DV lottery and went to U.S.A. She works in a pharmaceutical company in the New York. F.I. Manik in very popular, creative and famous movie director in Bangladesh film industry. At first film director F.I. Manik give her film acting offer for the movie "Whistle Ashon" Nipun accept FI manager Manik film offer and she eats in Bangladesh film industry for performing with that film as a main actress/heroine. When Nipun start working as an actress in Bangladesh film industry for film acting was the time of lack like Bangladeshi actress. Nipun first film is "Whistle Ashon" Many Nipun acting in films Such as "Rickhawalar Prem" and "Ghar Saaj". Prem was very popular Rickhawalar and business success by Bangladeshi movie actress acting Nipun.

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