February 23, 2011

Model Prova and Apurbo Romantic Picture on Dating

Model Prova and Apurbo Romantic Picture on Dating

Sadia Jahan Prova and Ziaul Faruq Apurbo Bangladeshi two popular and top level models and Actors tied the knot on 19 August, 2010. Prova and Apurbo ware gone for Eid Natok shooting and Natok’s name Paliya Biya. Prova and Apurbo are Act lot of love drama sense some years and finally prova was week from some days on Apurbo. Prova and Apurbo take Post-Marriage and went for Mymensing and staying Apurbo’s friend’s house. Prova and Apurbo back to Dhaka after 3 days on 22th August, 2010 and they declares on media they get marriage.
Picture of Prova and Apurbo’s Post-marriage Life

Now it is time to see what kind of relation continues between Prova and Apurbo.

Apurbo has already restricted Prova to face media for at least five years. He has also restricted Prova to go outside from house. Apurbo’s parents and Prova’s Parents are also having some hesitating time just because of Prova Scandal.


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