April 19, 2011

Momtaz Begum Bangladeshi top music artist, singer photo

Momtaz Begum Bangladeshi top music artist 

Momtaz Begum famous known as Momtaz for her short name, is a Bangladeshi top music artist, singer and producer of Bengali folk music and Baul music. Momtaz is also famous as The Music Queen, popular for her unconventional use of music lyrics. During her international career spanning two decades, she has recorded around 700 albums, in 2009 Momtaz was appointed a member of the Parliament of Bangladesh. Momtaj married her guru/teacher of folk song Abdur Rashid Sorkar. Momtaz learn music from her guru matal razzak dewan who is also a famous folk artist. Momtaz learn 1st music from her father Modhu boyati, 2nd from Matal Razzak Dewan 3rd from Abddur Rashid Sorkar, who was her husband later.
Momtaz has performed and held hundreds of concerts across Bangladesh, including outside Bangladesh mainly in Britain and the United States. Momtaz has performed numerous events for the diaspora communities, in particular in London, where she is very popular among the crowds of the Baishakhi Mela.

The kind of music she used to perform like Marfati, Boithoki, Murshidi can roughly fall under the genre of mystic songs.
Momtaz Begum's most famous music albums include Return Ticket, Ashol Boithoki, Murshider Talim, Ronger Bazar etc.


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